Delicate Makeup

Augmented Reality (AR) Makeup App


My Role


Delicate Makeup is a virtual makeup application that allows users to try on different makeup products. It relies on augmented reality (AR) technology that detects facial features like eyes, cheeks, and even the shape of your nose on an image or video.

User Research
UI/UX Designer
Usability Testing

4 Months
Jan 2022 - May 2022


The purpose of this project is to provide a way that allows users to try makeup on remotely. Through the research and data analysis, in-store shopping accounted for up to 85 percent of beauty-product purchases before the COVID-19 crisis. Even online-savvy American millennials and Gen Zers made close to 60 percent of their purchases in stores. Because of the development of online shopping, mobile makeup app is popular than before. Users can see the look from different angles, try on the new makeup products and recreate their look, It’s a good choice for new beginners to learn how to do it.  With the development of technology, the Augmented Reality(AR) technique is changing the traditional makeup rules, it’s a new way to experience the beauty and choose products.


1. Shopping in a store just isn’t as satisfying or enjoyable as shopping online for a mass of consumers.

2. There’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer  than going into the store only to find that what she wanted to buy is out of stock.

3. Free shipping and other online shopping tools may catch the eye of consumers.


Create a mobile makeup app that allows users virtually put on the different types of products together in seconds and choose the one that looks best on them — without ever actually applying it. Delicate Makeup is trying to make a new way to convenience users’ life, reduce in-store sampling (it’s a benefit during the pandemic), and increase their shopping experience

Target audience



Makeup Beginners

Makeup Pros

Experienced Users

Young teenagers who are interested in new technology

User Research

First, I sent out a survey to collect people's makeup habits and preferences. I received a total of 68 survey responses. Most of the participants were women, around the age of 15-35. And also, the data reflects the user's usage habits and the functions they care about. Those information helped me locate the problem and narrow down the topic.

How often do you use cosmetics?

Every day - 28.1%
Workdays (5 days a week) - 33.5%
> 3 days a week - 32.6%
Never - 5.8%

What type of features would you like to focus on a beauty app?

Try it on - 32.9%
Tutorial - 28.2%
Groups - 20.4%
Others - 18.5%

Do You Prefer to Shop Online or In-Store?

In store - 23.1%
Online - 32.8%
Both - 43.5%

User Age

15-25 - 35.7%
25-35 - 23.8%
35-45 - 19%
45-55 - 14.3%
Older than 55 - 7.1%


- The main purpose of users to use beauty apps is not only to shop, but also to seek makeup help, share and exchange experience

- The reason people want to shop in stores because they can try them in stores.

- Most people like drawing makeup on workdays.

- Most people prefer to shop online.


Interview people : 8
Age: 20 - 40 Years old
Job: student, artist, store manager
Gender: 7 females, 1 male
Makeup Experience: 3 Beginners, 3 Experienced, 2 Experts

Design Goals

Intuitive Interface

Minimize the confusion of the interface and modules, unify the page layout and overall page logic, as a beauty app, pay more attention to page tidiness and color selection, and improve the look and feel of the page

Highlight Function

Use the AR function to attract users' attention, publicize and promote the convenience that high technology brings to human beings, and change the rules of the traditional beauty industry, so as to realize the popularization of technology experience in the beauty industry

Solve Problems

In-depth understanding of the needs of beauty users, discovering the needs and pain points of different groups of users and providing solutions, so that users can find all the functions related to beauty in one app, so as to ensure the diversity of product functions

Persona & User Story

Information Architecture


Using AR scan to

[ Change color ]

[ Before & After ]

[ Make appointment ]

Upload Tutorials

Manage community groups


Home page

Product page

AR Function

Profile page

Community Page

User Testing

1. AR technique is point that is different from other makeup apps so add more functions on the AR page

2. Community is an essential area for makeup users, they can share their ar makeup and their experience with different products, put some text area or chat box

3. Make some connections between AR, product and users.

Task 1 : Find products - AR makeup - save new makeup & make an appointment with a makeup artist

Task 2 : Search for the type of makeup - Choose ideal makeup - Add related products - Find related makeup tutorials

Task 3 : Add interest groups - Upload text/video tutorials - Earn rewards - Manage your posts

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